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Custom Web & Mobile Development

Custom Web & Mobile Development

Over the years, we have built everything from basic marketing sites, distinctive ecommerce sites, robust customer portals, and interactive line of business applications.

Although we can build systems from scratch, and often do, we use open source tools where they make sense. This enables us to save our customers time and money. We specialize in the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). This is a standard web platform so that even our custom systems are built using common technologies. We chose this path because it gives us freedom to build our Client’s dream and the ability to share in the collective.

Using a database to store the data for your website unlocks the potential for virtually limitless expansion possibilities. An initial database of a couple dozen items could be expanded forever using only a web browser. Search functions, data calculations, e-commerce, and many other functions are immediately available on a database driven website. On the Web today, content is king. Any site that successfully attracts repeat visitors has to have fresh and constantly updated content. In the world of traditional site building that means tens, hundreds or even thousands of HTML files and constant updates.

With an effective database driven design, Domino Media can web-enable your existing product catalog, information store or document library. We can do this in an efficient and secure manner while making your content easily maintainable by non-technical staff.